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Densify a Kriging result of a sample set

The densification algorithm identifies the critical points in a Kriging result. Therefore, the densification result indicates the locations of the people whose samples will be collected by responders in the next iteration.

To densify a Kriging result, click the ‘Densify Kriging result’ menu item under the ‘Kriging’ menu, then you will need to enter two parameters (number of locations to sample, the dose threshold that the area with doses above it will be used to sample from) in two pop-up dialogs. If this Kriging result is being densified for the first time using this parameter setting, a progress dialog will appear. The densified points will be displayed on the map with diamond shapes. You can control the visibility of these points with the bottom-right ‘Densification result’ checkbox. By clicking the ‘Save’ button, you can save the coordinates of the densified points into a .csv file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel; you can also use the ‘Save densified locations’ menu item under the ‘Kriging’ menu to achieve this.

On the same Kriging result, you can use another parameter setting to perform a new densification process. The new parameter setting will also appear in the Densification drop-down list. Furthermore, under the same parameter setting, different Kriging results may produce different densification results; select another item in the Kriging drop-down list to densify a different Kriging result.

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