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 +====== ADCI Log Viewer ======
 +This supplemental log viewing software has been bundled with the [[:start | main ADCI product]]. It is meant to simplify examination of log files and allows the user to: 
 +  * View log files
 +  * Search all log files or a subset of log files
 +  * Perform an automated examination of log files to determine if an operation ended unexpectedly and locate samples which were not processed successfully due to the unsuccessful operation.
 +{{ file:logviewer:ViewerTab.png?nolink&800 }}
 +===== Launch ADCI Log viewer =====
 +There are two ways to launch this supplementary software: 
 +  * __Recommended method__ - Through the ADCI software, select "Help" in the upper menu bar and click "View Logs".
 +  * Launch manually by opening the directory containing ADCI Log Viewer chosen during ADCI installation and double clicking on the ADCI_LogFileQueryAndView.bat file.
 +===== Overview =====
 +Three tabs are visible at the top of the window. [[main:viewertab | viewer]], [[main:searchtab | search]], and [[main:integritytab | integrity]] tabs. A [[main:logviewersidebar | sidebar]] contains a list of log files generated by the main ADCI software. 
 +  * **Viewer**\\ Double click a log file in the sidebar to display its contents in the [[main:viewertab | viewer tab]].
 +  * **Search**\\ Specify a series of search parameters to locate within log files in the [[main:searchtab | search tab]]. All log files are searched by default, however a subset may be searched as well. Optionally, log files may be searched for integrity issues which will be displayed in the [[main:integritytab | integrity tab]].  
 +  * **Integrity**\\ Integrity issues identified when searching log files - see [[main:searchtab | search tab]] page - will appear in the [[main:integritytab | integrity tab]].
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