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 +====== Calibration curve report ======
 +A calibration curve report is a [[main:​report | report]] containing information related to one or more [[main:​calibrationcurve | calibration curves]].
 +===== Content =====
 +A curve report contains the following content:
 +  - Single plot containing all selected calibration curves. A plot legend is located below the plot.
 +  - A description of each calibration curve containing text and tabular data
 +===== Creation =====
 +To open the calibration curve report generation dialog, click “Report” in the menu bar at the top of the software window and select “Generate curve report”.
 +<WRAP group>
 +<WRAP column half>
 +  * **Specify a name for the report**\\ A name for this report. A report directory containing images and an report.html file will be created automatically using this name.
 +  * **Select curves**\\ Include curves in the report by placing a checkmark beside appropriate curves in the "​Select curves to be included in the report"​ list. Selection of one or more curves is required.
 +  * **Click "​OK"​ to begin report generation**\\ The report will open automatically in several seconds. It is also automatically saved as an HTML file located in the "​Report Folder"/"​Report Name" directory specified during report generation. Open the file "​Report.html"​ to view the report. For more information about the location of saved reports consult the [[main:​report | reports page]].
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 +{{ file:​dialog:​CurveReportDialog.png?​nolink }}
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