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 ====== Demonstration version ====== ====== Demonstration version ======
 +A demonstration version (demo) of ADCI is available at [[]] and can be downloaded at no cost. It is bundled with a built-in sample and several calibration curves (described in our [[ | F1000Research paper]]) allowing you to become familiar with core ADCI functionality such as image selection, dose estimation, and report creation. The demonstration version can carry out many functions present in the commercial product, except for sample processing and dosimetry curve generation. The demo version can only be used to analyze certain samples from Cytognomix's [[ | article in F1000Research]] that have been bundled with the software.
 +Please note the full contents of [[ | this wiki]] are applicable to both the commercial version and the demo version, with the noted exception that the demo version cannot process [[main:sample | samples]]. Additionally, the demo version cannot generate a [[main:calibrationcurve | calibration curve]] from calibration samples because not enough samples are bundled in the demo version to do so. However a calibration curve can still be generated by specifying dicentric counts manually or by generating the curve using curve coefficients.
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