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 +====== Processed sample recovery file ======
 +In the event of an unexpected shutdown or other error while executing ADCI software before processed samples can be saved, some [[main:​sample | samples]] may be fully processed and able to be recovered without processing them again.
 +===== Location and duration of recovery files =====
 +A "​Recovery"​ directory is located within the ADCI data directory, the location of which is determined during [[main:​installation]]. It contains processed samples which could not be properly saved due to an unexpected shutdown of the software while the [[main:​processqueue | process queue]] dialog is still open. Normally, when the process queue dialog is closed by clicking the green checkmark, the software asks if you would like to save the processed samples. When either the green checkmark or the red "​X"​ is clicked, recovery files related to the samples in the queue are removed from the "​Recovery"​ directory. In the event of a shutdown while the dialog remains open, the recovery files remain in the "​Recovery"​ directory. Recovery files remain in the "​Recovery"​ directory indefinitely if not deleted upon normal closure of the process queue dialog.
 +===== Determine which samples are recoverable =====
 +To determine which samples are recoverable,​ consult [[main:​adcilogviewer | ADCI log viewer supplemental software]] and [[main:​integritytab | integrity tab]] pages.
 +===== Recover a sample =====
 +To recover a sample, navigate to the "​Recovery"​ directory, the location of which is described under the heading "​Location and duration of recovery files" above using Windows Explorer (the standard way to view directories in Windows). Recovery samples are named in the following format: [name of sample][timestamp].adcisample. Locate the appropriate files for recovery by observing the name of the sample and associated timestamp in the file name. Simply move the recovery file to the ADCI data directory to recover the file. Note the name of the file may be changed if desired, but be sure to retain the .adcisample file extension. ​
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