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Interacting with ADCI_Online

Generally, ADCI_Online is operationally identical to ADCI running on a local desktop. However, due to the cloud-based nature of ADCI there are several main differences. Here we describe these differences as well as some general recommendations to optimize your interactions with ADCI_Online.

Persistent Storage

Your user-specific portion of the Amazon Web Services S3 bucket is mounted to the streaming instance and provides storage which persists from one streaming session to the next. At the start of each streaming session, a new system is prepared for you based on a snapshot of a system taken after ADCI was installed. Therefore, only this files which have been preserved inside the S3 bucket are preserved when another session begins.

Brief Explanation
When saving files in ADCI, please ensure you are saving the files to your 'Persistent_ADCI_Data' directory. Files in this directory will be preserved from one streaming session to the next. When saving a file, ADCI will automatically place you in the 'Persistent_ADCI_Data' directory as shown in the image to the right. If you are attempting to save a file and you are not in that directory, you can return to the correct location by clicking the “Home Folder” link in the left sidebar (can also be seen in the image), and double click the “Persistent_ADCI_Data' directory.

More Details
Recall when uploading your metaphase images to S3, you traversed through a directory structure containing the SHA-256 hash of your UserName. That directory, named for the SHA-256 hash of your UserName, is mounted to the streaming instance at 'D:\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder\'. It contains the directory 'Persistent_ADCI_Data' which in turn contains the directory 'ADCI_Images' where images were uploaded. Files placed within 'Persistent_ADCI_Data' will be automatically synced with S3.

Observe the sidebar on the left side of the image to the right, clicking the 'Home Folder' link is a shortcut which brings you directly to 'D:\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder\'. That shortcut is always present while saving or opening files in ADCI in case you have inadvertently traversed to another directory, however as mentioned in the Brief Description above the 'Persistent_ADCI_Data' directory is opened by default when saving or loading files in ADCI.

Operations Disabled

Due to security considerations we have disabled internet access on the streaming instance as well as use of the clipboard (copy and paste) while interacting with ADCI_Online.

Additionally, files cannot be executed on the streaming instance with the exception of:

  • ADCI
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox (to view reports generated by ADCI)
  • Adobe Reader DC (to access the ADCI manual)

Interrupted Sessions and Ending your Session Manually

When a sample is processed by ADCI and becomes a processed sample, contour files for use in the metaphase image viewer are generated. Due to limitations of the S3 syncing process, these contour files cannot be stored in the 'Persistent_ADCI_Data' directory and therefore may not persist from one streaming session to the next. If contour files are not present, metaphase images cannot be viewed in the metaphase image viewer. We have attempted to alleviate the inconvenience caused by this limitation in several ways:

  • Extended the maximum length of a streaming session to 96 hours
    You may stay logged in to the streaming instance for a full 96 hours if desired.
  • Extended the 'disconnect timeout' to 96 hours
    If an unexpected disconnection occurs (internet interruption, accidental shutdown of web browser, your computer enters sleep mode), the streaming instance will continue running and wait for you to reconnect to your session.

Taking these two points into consideration, it is therefore optimal to avoid ending your streaming session manually by selecting “logout” from the menu within your streaming session. If you do log out manually, the streaming instance will be stopped and contour files will not be present in your next session. On the other hand, if you simply close your browser tab when you are finished with a session, the streaming instance will continue to run awaiting your next session and therefore the contour files will be preserved.

Although avoiding logging out should help to preserve contour files generated during sample processing, it is recommended to view processed samples in the metaphase image viewer in the same streaming session they were processed. Please note the presence of contour files has no effect on any ADCI functionality with the exception of viewing the images in the metaphase image viewer, thus if you do not wish to use the metaphase image viewer your session can be safely ended by either closing the browser window or selection logout from the AppStream menu.

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