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Dose estimation report

A dose estimation report is a report containing information related to a previously performed dose estimation.


A dose estimation report contains the following content:

  1. Description of calibration curves present in dose estimation
  2. Dose estimation plot. A plot legend is located below the plot containing both curves and DC frequencies.
  3. Tabular dose estimation results


Dose estimation steps must be performed before generation of this report. Dose estimation reports are generated based on the contents of the plot. Thus, a plot generated when dose estimation is performed must be present in the plot area at the time a report is generated.

After dose estimation has been performed, to open the dose estimation report generation dialog click “Report” in the menu bar at the top of the software window, access the “Dose Estimation” submenu and click “Internal Report”.

  • Specify a name for the report
    A name for this report. A report directory containing images and an report.html file will be created automatically using this name.
  • Specify sample order
    If multiple samples are present, they can be ordered in the report alphabetically by sample ID, ascending order of estimated dose, descending order of estimated dose, or randomly. To modify sample ordering, select the appropriate value from the dropbox labelled “Sort samples in the report by:”.
  • Click “OK” to begin report generation
    The report will open automatically in several seconds. It is also automatically saved as an HTML file located in the “Report Folder”/“Report Name” directory specified during report generation. Open the file “Report.html” to view the report. For more information about the location of saved reports consult the reports page.

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