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An ADCI report is an HTML file containing text, tabular data, and images related to the report subject. Reports are generated by clicking “Reports” in the menu bar of the main GUI and selecting a report type.

The following types of reports are available:

Save location

When a report is created, a directory is created named [ReportName] specified during report generation. This directory contains a file “Report.html” and images directory “images”. Reports can be opened at any time by opening the file Report.html using windows explorer. These files are saved automatically when a report is generated. By default, the save location for a report is within the Reports directory in the ADCI data directory specified during installation. The following directory structure depicts the default hierarchy of these directories:

ADCI data directory/
└── Reports/
    └── ReportName/
        ├── images/
        └── Report.html

Edit report after generation

Reports are generated in HTML format and therefore cannot be directly edited unless the editor has knowledge of HTML scripting. As a workaround, HTML documents opened in Word can be edited and saved to a new file.

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