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Search tab

The Search tab is a tab present in the ADCI Log Viewer supplemental software.

To perform a search, click the Search tab above the ADCI Log Viewer main window area. Searches can be performed based on a number of search criteria described below. If multiple criteria are specified, lines within the log file must match all criteria to be flagged by the search.

By default, searches are performed on all log files present in the sidebar. Ensure the “Search only highlighted files” checkbox is unchecked to search all log files when the “search” button is clicked.

In some cases you may wish to search individual log files - or several log files - instead of searching all log files. To do so, check the “Search only highlighted files” checkbox, and manually highlight the log files of interest in the sidebar. Highlighting multiple log files can be accomplished by clicking a single log file (it will now be highlighted), then holding ctrl and clicking another log file to select additional log files individually, or by holding shift and clicking another log file to select all log files between the originally highlighted log file and the newly clicked log file.

Log file fields

A log file consists of five fields. To learn more about the contents of each field consult the log file page. These fields can be searched through the search fields listed below.

  • Date - Series of combo boxes
  • User - text field
  • License - text field
  • Operation - text field
  • Parameters - text field

Additional parameters

These search parameters are not directly related to fields in log files, instead they allow searches to be customized.

  • Max search results for each file - slider
    Some searches may result in a large number of results in each log file. Adjust the slider to set a maximum number of results to be returned from each log file. This parameter may be most useful when a search is meant to simply determine if a log file contains a certain search parameter or not. For example, if a search is performed on username only, setting “Max search results for each file” to a low value will quickly indicate which log files were executed by that user.
  • Search only highlighted files - checkbox
    When this box is checked, only log files highlighed in the sidebar will be searched. By default, the box is unchecked which indicates all log files will be searched whether they are highlighted or not. Consult the “Selecting files to search” for a description of how multiple log files can be highlighted. Search results will be output to the search tab.
  • Perform integrity check - checkbox
    When this box is checked, an integrity check will be performed on each log file searched. An integrity check can be performed even if no search terms are specified by checking this box and clicking “Search”. Uncheck the box if an integrity check is not desired. If integrity issues are found, they will be output to the integrity tab.
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